About Us

Who are we?
We are a group of professionals in the entertainment industry that has generated a secure and reliable digital platform where writers, literary creators, and owners can sell finished works, ideas, collections, or any literary concept in a digital market that converges with high-media executives, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are concerned about finding new and diverse content.

What we do?
We collect and concentrate quality written projects to create a supply field where creators can display and price their works or ideas, and buyers have a reliable place to explore and acquire content. We are responsible for creating the safest and most precise conditions for buying and selling written ideas, including all the guarantees of law and copyright protection.

Why do we do it?
We understand and recognize that there is a great talent that has not been able to find a space to place and commercialize its ideas, which remain absent of value in its exhibition possibilities. We share a great interest in the commitment to quality and diversity in the content offered.

How do we do it?
The platform concentrates enough information about the works in an interactive catalog with easy access, allowing you to read a description of the projects and their themes agilely.

Any project is marketable if it meets the requirements for being displayed on The Story Trade platform.

Areas and types of projects that you can display, sell, and buy in The Story Trade.

- Series
- Mini Series
- TV Soaps
- Movies

- Novels
- Stories
- Essays

From the first contact with someone interested in the acquisition of a work, we formalize the process with personalized follow-up and legal supervision of our expert lawyers in Copyright matters. We conclude the purchase/sale with the physical signature of the contracts between the interested parties.

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